Three successful modifications this week!

Sure the banks are making changes and it’s becoming harder to work with them, but we’re still having tremendous success. 360 Group had three successful modifications come in this week. We love to call our clients with this news!

This is all a testament to our Pre Qualification process. We’re committed to spending the time and energy up front at no cost with all our clients. Often we’ll spend 3-4 hours understanding their debt to income ratio’s, looking over all the mortgage history, the loan documents, and most importantly, understanding their goals moving forward.

No one can truly help a client without a clear understanding of their financial history. Since we do all the pre-qual work prior to retaining our clients, they pay nothing up front.

Check out our video tutorials , or call us today to discuss how we can help you either lower your payment and re-negotiate your mortgage or short sell it without any risk of deficiency. 360 Group 623-688-0805.

Jumbo Success!

Mr Howland lives in Southern California and has a Jumbo first mortgage with B of A. He just got a successful Trial Modification which changed his mortgage payment from $4012 to just $1,873.77. Congratulations!


Many banks have changed their policy on Short Sales. They will no longer “push” or “extend” the sale date on a property that is in default unless there is a bona fid approval on the property in their system. What does this mean? Well, for anyone who wishes to sell short their property and has a notice of Trustee Sale, you’re out of luck. More people will lose their home to accelerated Foreclosure since there is less time to get an offer into the system and get the banks approval prior to the sale date. Get ready for more Foreclosures in 4th quarter 2010.