Google Voice puts you in control

One of the most frustrating things to deal with is banks customer service or collections departments. If you are attempting to modify your loan or need to short sale  – you will undoubtedly need to communicate with the banks customer service reps. We’ve all heard the horror stories, each time you call your bank, you talk to a different person and they tell you something different.

If you know what you’re dealing with, you know what to expect.  I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you an amazing way to keep control over your privacy and beat the banks at their own game.

You should always call the bank and update your personal information over the phone before you begin the short sale process. Tell them you no longer have a land line and you need to update your contact phone number. Now I’m going to teach you how to set up your own Google Voice phone line for free. Google Voice is one of hundreds of free services available to you through Google. Once set up, you can use this phone number to provide to all your financial obligations like mortgage, auto loans, credit card and utility companies. When this Google phone number is called you can set preferences in Google to forward to your cell, or go to voicemail and take a message. Google will transcribe the message and send you a gmail as well as a text message if you choose. It puts the power back in your hands. There are dozens of other features like free web calling and texting from your PC that would take too much time to outline here.


With a Google Voice phone number, you have the power to BLOCK callers if you don’t want to hear from them. When it comes to short selling your home, this is huge. You can avoid all those pesky collections calls while you’re in the process of selling your home. No more rude and intimidating calls from collections departments.

Step 1: You will need a Gmail account. Most people already use Gmail – if you don’t you should switch from Yahoo or MSN.

Step 2: Once your Gmail account is set up, you need to login. In the top right corner click on Settings.

Step 3: When setting page loads, click on Accounts & Import tab in the top tab area.

Step 4: Scroll to bottom and click Google Account Settings.

Step 5: This will open a new page with all your Google settings and available products. Scroll down and click on Voice link. If you you do not see a Voice link, click the small “more” link to show all the options from Google.

Step 6: Voice will open or you will need to scroll down on this icon page to find the Voice icon on bottom right to click it.

Step 7: Follow the Google Voice instructions to set up your Google Voice phone number – this could be the last phone number you ever have or will ever need. Choose your Google voice number and then it will ask you to enter a land line or cell to receive a call verifying your set up is complete.

Now your saving money and have complete control over your privacy.

There are video tutorials that can walk you through the features. GOOD LUCK!



Two More Success Stories

Colonel John Ownbey was once one of the wealthiest citizens in the West because he got involved early in the gold and silver mining industry and became best friends with, at that time, the future legendary industrialist and financier J.P. Morgan. Ownbey was involved in various business ventures with Morgan and the two became very close. Unfortunately, later in life the son of J.P. Morgan allegedly found legal means to ruin Colonel Ownbey financially. This occurred after the original J. P. Morgan had passed away.

Historical news archives chronicle the events that led up to the financial ruin of Colonel Ownbey as well as the years of legal battles with the son of J.P. Morgan who’s father left him in control of the wealth. His battle lasted years through courts of the nation.

The grand daughter of Colonel Ownbey lives in Mesa Arizona and goes by the married name of Erbes.

We’re proud to say that we saved Jocelyn Erbes’ home from the very bank that was built by the man who befriended her grand father. A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) was originated through Washington Mutual and finally ended up with J. P. Morgan Chase. As we have all come to know the sales tactics of many representatives at Washington Mutual, and other large banks where overly aggressive during the real estate boom and literally sold people adjustable rates knowing full well that it would be a liability.

We successfully modified Jocelyns first mortgage early in 2010 and we just completed the second mortgage this week. Happy Birthday Jocelyn, we’re pleased to have been able to help save your home. Happy New Year!

The second success file was a second home in Pine AZ for a client who retained us July 2010. If you know anyone who is still struggling with their mortgage or needs help sifting through the options and programs, please tell them to call us. Our extensive Pre-Qualification process enables us to determine what options are available.