As I sit on the sidelines and watch the stock market continue to rise above 13,900 I’m amazed on a daily basis as to the opinions of so many. One article says the market is going to new highs with no risk of any downside, others postulate on why the market can only be due for a serious correction.  Often 3 to 4 contradictory articles are right next to each other. Very Odd! History tell us that it is always in a state of change and the economic data suggests that it can’t go much higher. Still, today in this fast-paced world where data moves at the speed of light, and opinions are shared just as quickly, how does anyone make any sense of it?

legalized gambling

I’m of the opinion that only serious investors can react quickly enough to profit from such quick shifts as the news stories are released and people react. Brokers dont mind the fluctuating values as they get paid when stocks go upp or down. It’s the hard working people who rely on their broker to find the next “big thing” to get into and hopefully realize a nice gain.

There are safe or dangerous investments and everyone is “responsible” to do the research for themselves in order to insulate themselves from risk. The data is there if you take time to search. I recomend that every small to moderate investor take the time to research everything before they find themselves in a risky situation that could cost them.

2013 is going to a very interesting year and it is very possible that without anything catastrophic happening, ( natural disaster or war ) could be one for the record books. ENJOY EVERY DAY!


Guns and energy & freedom

Today is January 16, 2013, and mass shootings in America have been increasing dramatically over the last 6 months. In fact, it’s happening faster than any other time in US history.  Everyone is blaming the type of gun and mental health. No one is looking at the “cause” which is energy.

To date, I have not heard anyone including Pierce Morgan (the loudest proponent of gun bans) speak of the mass energy that governs hundreds of millions of people. Whether it’s “needing” to have the latest iPhone or “needing” to post what you had for dinner last night on Facebook, few people understand the sheep-like mass energy that governs millions of people with low energy levels.  The only way to get people out of negative energy fields is to educate them and motivate them to rise into higher fields. The way to do this would not be to inflame an issue (any issue) in the media. This then would suggest the media not do their job by reporting on current events and creating discussions. This will never happen and so it continues. The media is constantly feeding the negative energy with more negative energy which then grabs hold of the individuals who watch and become consumed by it. Simply put, the most recent two men who just today went into a school in Eastern Kentucky and another in St Louis to kill a teacher or administrator may not have had the “desire” to do so without all the press feeding him with the idea. They both always had the potential, but it was driven to the surface by all the press. Now these ill individuals have the idea and the manner by which to be seen which is all they really want; to be noticed and understood.

There are deep-seated malaise in each of us waiting to surface. The trigger may remain dormant or arise at a moment’s notice. . Taking property i.e. the guns from sane people makes them mad. Taking guns from crazy people makes them more crazy and then they act without accord, and so it continues and likely will until another energy replaces it.

Each one of us lives within a specific level of consciousness. In this domain, we form values (we think a certain way and make decisions a certain way based on the levels of energy) that are aligned with the available level of understanding. Therefore, it serves no purpose for us to be upset at someone who cannot overcome addiction, or anger, or fear. They are incapable of doing it at this time.

Until recently, I have always had trouble understanding why someone will make the same mistake over and over in life. Even with a brilliant mother or father or teacher, they still struggle. It is hard to watch a loved one do this. Why, we ask, do they keep doing this? The answer is simple. These mentally ill people are gravitating to the negative energy that the Media is propagating into our homes, tablets and phones all day long. It then increases the propensity for an ill person to FOLLOW! Like a sleepwalker, they just become a slave to the negative energy and act in a way that they normally would not.

They must first advance to a new level of consciousness to be able to comprehend what is necessary to change. It is for this reason that the world of reason (where most highly educated people live) sometimes cannot understand faith. The great scientists like Edison, Einstein, Bohr, or thinkers like Aristotle & Freud could explain theory and solve problems and invent things, but could not explain spirituality. This was merely blocked by their deep understanding of the sciences which held them in a reality of seeing what they could create, solve and ultimately believe.  This is not to say they were non-believers in a higher power or creator, they just lacked the ability to explain it.

Because there is no hard evidence of the non-linear domain, makes it hard for people to grasp. It’s as if the Creator made it this way on purpose. It is NOT provable from a scientific method.  Hence, the division of mankind continues. These are two totally separate domains. When you have an inner knowing, you cannot prove it to anyone, even if it is 100% accurate. It is a knowing-ness. We know this is so because of the ability for us to reach states of witnessing the miraculous. It is possible to surpass the understanding of cause and effect. The key then to find peace is to let go. To make the leap to a commitment to find truth. Truth will set you free. Truth will release you from the burdens of the common world. This is a world of cell phones and constant contact with drama and competition. With spiritual discipline one will eventually learn that there is no reason to be a big man on campus. There is no reason to watch the news and buy another gun to protect yourself, or to worry about anything. There is no reason to argue about gun control and automatic weapons. There is no reason to worry about a comet hitting the Earth. There is no reason to earn a lot of money but rather escape the world of the monkey-brain where competition, drama and glamour rules and go to the peaceful world of God. It may take many lifetimes, but to work on it is powerful and will get you there eventually. Make all your actions a service to mankind and you will be set free.