Another Happy Client

When Mr. and Mrs. Dominguez hired 360 Group in March of 2012, they were referred by a family member who had experienced a 45% reduction in their mortgage payment in just 90 days. The mod went so quickly they assumed that this would be the case for them.

During this period, home values where quickly increasing in the metro Phoenix area and unannounced to the Dominguez family, the banks were slowing down their processes. After all, delaying files made the banks more money as value rise. With significant follow up effort and having to escalate the file on more than 3 occasions, 360 Group got it done. It took a year, but after all, the end result was worth it. Shortly thereafter, 360 Group began work on their HELOC attempting to settle that debt completely for a fraction of what they owe. Simultaneously 360 Group began work to settle some unsecured credit card debt as well. Once all this debt is settled they will have a fresh start to move forward from.

During the vital pre-qualification process, 360 Group uncovered debt ratio’s that made them a good candidate for the negotiations. With one income being lost and only a single income helping to maintain their limited lifestyle, the Dominguez family had a legitimate hardship and had to cut back in a variety of areas. 360 Group helped advise them on areas within their lifestyle that could save them $200 per month. The successful reductions came just in time as Mrs. Dominguez just got accepted for a new job.

We’re proud of the work Mr. and Mrs. Dominguez did to cut back and live on the limited income, as well as always being available to send in updated financials when requested to keep the file on track. The hard work and patience paid off.