Benefits of Meditation

reCALIBRATE Meditation is a unique meditation program combining ancient wisdom with world renowned experts’ knowledge and proven facts in the field of biology and quantum mechanics. The mantra’s in each meditation class have been created using both Divine and scientific truth. Since truthful statements carry positive energy, the results are automatic. Mistruths have no energy since they are not aligned with the Divine field and therefore have no power. Negative energy and belief systems are highly prevalent throughout society and need to be removed from both the conscious and sub conscious mind in order to initiate change. Our classes are simple, enjoyable and very effective.

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Each class is designed to re-align the individual with optimal health and well-being. We have three general classes to choose from, but we also customize mantra’s for the elderly or anyone suffering from a specific debilitating condition. Contact us or a free consultation and we can customize a meditation plan tailored for a specific person, condition or desired outcome.

Scientists have proven what yogis have held to be true for centuries — meditation can ward off stress and disease. John Denninger, a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School, is leading a five-year study on how the ancient practices affect genes and brain activity in the chronically stressed. His latest work follows a study he and others published earlier this year showing how so-called mind-body techniques can switch on and off some Genes linked to stress and immune function. The leading biologist on the subject, Dr. Bruce Lipton has already found direct correlations with cellular activity and belief systems. His research is  to 7 years ahead of most. Here at reCALIBRATE, we use techniques developed directly from Dr. Lipton research to optimize cellular activity and heal the body through meditation.

While hundreds of studies have been conducted on the mental health benefits of meditation, they have tended to rely on blunt tools like participant questionnaires, as well as heart rate and blood pressure monitoring. Only recently have neuro-imaging, genomics technology and cellular biologists like Dr. Bruce Lipton found direct links to measure physiological changes in greater detail. Additionally in India studies have been conducted that measure changes in the body of people walking by meditation studios and the results are remarkable.

study was done in India where 700 people where meditating together. The study reinforced the fact that there are chemical changes within the human body during meditations. One change occurs in the Serotonin levels of the brain and some acids found in the urine. These are measurable from urine samples. During this study when 700 people where all meditating about Love and Peace something remarkable occurred. The study found that even the people passing by outside the location had the same chemical changes occurring in their Serotonin levels and urine. Even thought they had no idea what was going on inside the temple.

Finally more doctors are looking at alternative treatment for tackling the source of a myriad of modern ailments. Stress-induced conditions can include everything from hypertension, infertility, lack of sleep to depression and even the aging process. They account for 60 to 90 percent of doctor’s visits in the U.S., according to the Benson-Henry Institute. The World Health Organization estimates stress costs U.S. companies at least $300 billion a year through absenteeism, turn-over and low productivity. Further, an increasing number of physicians are no longer prescribing pharmaceuticals to treat dis-ease as the entire industry is fraught with false data, high costs and debilitating side affects.

In a study published last year, scientists at the University of California at Los Angeles and Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn found that 12 minutes of daily yoga meditation for eight weeks increased telomerase activity by 43 percent, suggesting an improvement in stress-induced aging. Blackburn of the University of California, San Francisco, shared the Nobel medicine prize in 2009 with Carol Greider and Jack Szostak for research on the telomerase “immortality enzyme,” which slows the cellular aging process.

20 scientifically-validated reasons why you might want to begin a meditation program

1 – Increases immune function
2 – Decreases Pain
3 – Decreases Inflammation at the Cellular Level
4 – Increases Positive Emotion
5 – Decreases Depression
6 – Decreases Anxiety & Stress
7 – Decreases Age Related Cortical Decline ( thinning of the brain with age )
8 – Increases social connection & emotional intelligence
9 – Makes you more compassionate
10 – Makes you feel less lonely
11 – Improves your ability to regulate your emotions
12 – Improves your ability to contemplate
13 – Increases grey matter
14 – Increases volume in areas related to emotion regulation, positive emotions & self-control
15 – Increases cortical thickness in areas related to paying attention
16 – Increases focus & attention
17 – Improves ability to multitask without dangerous cellular growth as from technology overload
18 – Improves your memory
19 – Improves your ability to be creative
20 – It makes you wiser

Meditation gives you perspective: By observing your mind, you realize you don’t have to be a slave to it. You realize it throws tantrums, gets grumpy, jealous, happy and sad but that it doesn’t have to control you. Meditation is quite simply mental hygiene: clear out the junk and get in touch with yourself. Think about it, you shower every day and clean your body, you brush your teeth, but have you ever showered your mind? As a consequence, you’ll feel more clear and see things with greater perspective.

Once you get to know yourself through quiet introspection, you start to own your stuff and become more authentic, often even more humble. You realize the soap operas your mind puts you through have no purpose and you gain more accurate perspective on them. Most are just illusion created by the ego. You realize most people are caught up in a mind-drama they can’t control, and you become more compassionate towards others. Compassion is a powerful “positive” energy and the more of it you possess, the healthier you become, both in body.