Mobile Alerts that “Cry Wolf”

Last week while enjoying some good food, alarms began to sound and could be heard from all over the restaurant. One by one people began to look at their phones. Most would just swipe the alert away while others glanced at the message, while still others ( mostly older ) could not figure out to make the alarm stop. That was funny to watch.

Within minutes the alarms stopped while literally everyone immediately went back to talking, eating or staring down at their device again. This got me to thinking, how did my phone become a beckon for the authorities to be able to alert me? “Updates”, that’s how. I hate updates. I wish someone would do a study and find out how many operating system updates really do fix bugs and valid security fixes versus just embed themselves into our tech and the fabric of our everyday lives. I’m not a conspiracy freak, but do realize that our liberties are consistently being diminished and no one seems to notice. It seems everyone wants more tech and more tools never to stop and ask, “is this even beneficial to our lives” and the pursuit of happiness?

Alert, Alert

Alert, Alert

I get a little bummed when technology forces things on me that I may not want. Today, we have no choice but to “ACCEPT” the terms & conditions that so frequently beg for our approval from our mobile devices. Say no ( which I do a lot ) and eventually, your device doesn’t function optimally. Say yes, and you end up with all sorts of stuff that can easily strip away another small percentage of your privacy. No options.

Since when did the weather service (or those constituents who govern it) decide that they have to worn us of thunder storms and dust storms when we can see them coming with our own eyes? Here in Phoenix, if you just look outside and scan the horizon and you can see what weather is coming. Now my point. What good does it really do when 95% of the people getting the alerts just ignore them? They are coming so frequently that no one will know when the real emergency hits.

Someday when there is a legitimate emergency, the majority will not be aware because they have become so immune to the alert and just discard the message. Someday, that message could be important, and maybe even their very own child as the topic of an Amber Alert.

I’m all for using technology to increase communication, but what “is” being alerted to us and for what purpose is getting a little out of hand. If you find yourself overwhelmed with technology or just life in general visit reCALIBRATEYOURSELF.COM


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