Being Pro Active with Cancer

Yesterday the news world was a buzz with the announcement by Angelia Jolie that she had a “pro active” double mastectomy in the hopes that it will prevent her from getting breast cancer in the future. There are a lot of talking point to this as well as both sides being Pros and Cons.

I don’t want to add too much to this already highly visible story but I can’t help but wonder what was going on in her mind.  To go to such lengths with only the knowledge that her mother had a mutation of a gene that has shown high propensity to contribute to breast cancer.

Here is a list of things that cross my mind based on my research on the body and homeostasis which we all should try to understand.

1. Just because a relative has had cancer doesn’t mean you will. Doctors…especially the ones involved in cancer research and who get paid by the cancer research money love to tell us about the trends and how we all need to go to the doctor more regularly with fear of cancer. The only purpose for this is money! If you don’t believe me then why are these doctors not taking any time to learn about the many proven methods of avoiding cancer and beating it that have nothing to with drugs, surgery or money?

2. The human body is an amazing system of complex technology that we still know very little about. What we do know is that there are many factors that contribute to dis-ease and not just one gene that may or may not be present in our ancestors.

3. The immune system plays a vital role in the ability for the body to fight off the bad stuff and keep us healthy. The immune system is highly complex and I have for years been telling everyone I know to read Bruce Lipton’s book titled The Biology of belief. FACT: Our belief system has a huge role in our body’s health and how it functions. Each cell is a city within itself and it hears all our inner chatter and subconscious thoughts. There are many reasons why we get sick not just because someone with the flu coughs near us. Internal guilt from a tumultuous childhood. Child abuse, visual stimuli from being in a war. Spiritual influences and karmic inheritances as well.

4. It is a concern when woman will now want to go have their genes tested to see if they MAY have a propensity towards cancer. Ms. Jolie’s situation is not relevant to 99% of the woman in America. Why? because 99% of woman do not have the BRCA1 or the BRCA2 gene for that matter. Further, the insurance companies will love you to spend the money on gene testing…now they have a reason to deny you coverage. Yes TRUE!  The shear ignorance of understanding how the body and mind are linked is a common one. Once you place that idea in your mind, you are doomed. FACT: We all have the potential to get cancer. So why would you want to reinforce the thoughts of you getting it? If you do, you will certainly INCREASE your likelihoods of getting it. With the gene or without the gene, it’s up to you to decide what you want to focus your thoughts on.

5. Prevention is one thing, but to take such drastic steps with no real evidence of that malaise being present, but rather just being a possibility is just foolish. Goes to show there are many people with more money that brains. Additionally, the idea that your money can buy you a longer life is foolish. These people do not understand that you can’t cheat death. You may prolong your time here for a while, but when it’s your time, it’s your time, and who are we to argue with God? We may not understand why someone close to us dies, or when we get sick and are told we will surely die, but that doesn’t mean your money can buy you out of it. I agree with fighting to stay alive as long as possible, but to think you can completely alter your body and it’s pharmacology with no downside, is foolish.

Acceptance is hard for people and I suspect that Angelina Jolie loves her life and just wants it to last as long as possible.


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