As I sit on the sidelines and watch the stock market continue to rise above 13,900 I’m amazed on a daily basis as to the opinions of so many. One article says the market is going to new highs with no risk of any downside, others postulate on why the market can only be due for a serious correction.  Often 3 to 4 contradictory articles are right next to each other. Very Odd! History tell us that it is always in a state of change and the economic data suggests that it can’t go much higher. Still, today in this fast-paced world where data moves at the speed of light, and opinions are shared just as quickly, how does anyone make any sense of it?

legalized gambling

I’m of the opinion that only serious investors can react quickly enough to profit from such quick shifts as the news stories are released and people react. Brokers dont mind the fluctuating values as they get paid when stocks go upp or down. It’s the hard working people who rely on their broker to find the next “big thing” to get into and hopefully realize a nice gain.

There are safe or dangerous investments and everyone is “responsible” to do the research for themselves in order to insulate themselves from risk. The data is there if you take time to search. I recomend that every small to moderate investor take the time to research everything before they find themselves in a risky situation that could cost them.

2013 is going to a very interesting year and it is very possible that without anything catastrophic happening, ( natural disaster or war ) could be one for the record books. ENJOY EVERY DAY!


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