Whats coming in 2013?

Remember, everyone predicting the fall of the US dollar wants you to buy Gold and Silver, and they’re happy to sell it to you because they make a commission. Others claim it’s time to get back into financials and the auto sector. Unfortunately all these people are the one’s wanting to sell you the stocks. Be careful. The 13,000 DOW of last week (2/23/2012) is an exciting illusion that can only last so long. If you’re not able to move your money quickly, you might want to stay away.

There are few views on the US Economy that I can say I agree with 100%. Mr David Stockman has hit the nail on the head and outlined perfectly what appears to be unfolding. Many of us agree with what he is saying because it is based on facts and reality. Not emotional fantasy or wanting to sell you something.


2013 will tell


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