For anyone who uses Quickens version of Quick Books you may have noticed that they require you to contact their support desk to be sure to have the correct version of the software, and then “authorize” you to use it. This is akin to the message we hear when calling any banks customer service line when they say “this call is being recorded for quality purposes”. Quality NOT! It’s so they can record the conversation and use the dialog for whatever reason they want. Quicken’s game is that they will request that you call them to get an authorization code (which allows you to actually use the software) and then they try to upsell you with various other features that cost money and embed you deeper into their system. They say it’s for quality purposes. Ya Right. The upsell has cheap written all over it. The other issue is that over time, as you continue to run your company from Quickbooks, it is always asking you if you want to use new features to pull you deeper into the software. This way, over time, you’re more unlikely to stop using it.

Quick Books is a nice easy program and I’ve been using it for years, but I just got a very disturbing email from INTUIT that I felt compelled to share with everyone. Please pass it on.

Here is the actual email I just got from Quicken 1 month after I updated my software.

Dear Account Holder,

With a view to assure that accurate data is being kept up on our systems, as well as to be able to grant you better quality of service; INTUIT INC. has partaken in the Internal Revenue Service [IRS] Name and TIN Matching Program.

INTUIT shares your data with IRS







ARE YOU FREEKIN KIDDING ME? Now INTUIT INC. has decided to “share” my information with the IRS? I never authorized that. Just more proof that many freedoms in America are gone. In many ways this is like communist China.

Whats the harm you ask? O.K. lets say you file a tax return with $10,000 in business expenses, but your QB files show more or even less, then the IRS can compare your actual return with your QB files and if they see any discrepancies, could target you for an audit. This would make IRS audits much easier. For those of you like me who save every single receipt and keep detailed records, no biggy, but for others, this could be a real problem.

This really threw a wrench in my day because I immediately deleted all my quicken company files and backups and have begun to use a new software. I un-installed the program and tossed the $100 CD in the trash. Thanks for informing me that you have sold your soul to the US Government INTUIT/Quicken.  At least you had the decency to tell me instead of doing it behind my back . Good bye Quick Books!


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