The first of the month means a lot, to many.

We have a serious economic crisis on our hands and the media simply fails to acknowledge it.  You might be waking up to the first of the month thinking the wheels of the economy are fine.  Yet silently, millions of Americans drive into mega supercenters like Wal-Mart only to wait for their monthly allotments of food assistance so they can pay for basic groceries.  This trend is so prevalent that certain Wal-Mart centers are fully staffed at midnight since a large part of our society is waiting for that first day of the month to purchase food for their family.  46 million Americans are now receiving food assistance.  How is this issue swept under the rug?  We also have many more Americans losing their unemployment benefits because of the long-term employment issues.  The statistics show this number decreasing simply because people are falling off of their maximum number of months that they can receive benefits.  Sadly, the country is entering into a low wage environment where the working and middle class have limited employment security yet financial institutions have all the protection from the Federal Reserve even when they operate in a system of graft and irresponsibility.


How can the above even be construed as a positive for our economy?  The percentage of Americans on food assistance has never been so high.  We have more people on food assistance than the entire state of California.  The only reason the markets rallied this week was because the Federal Reserve promised that they will bailout their crony banking buddies around the world.  How does that address the above?  To the contrary, this inflationary push will make the items the working class require even more expensive.

Think about this when you consider spending your money on something you may not need. First get out of debt and then, begin to save for a very rainy day which is certainly coming.


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