Is BIG Business Evil? You decide.

W.T.F. – GM entering into agreement with China to build electric cars in China. Does anyone remember the first electric car that GM built well before it’s time ( the EV1). The EV1 was an amazing car that outperformed anything to date ( except for the Tesla Roadster priced at over $75k )

GM subsequently took back every car that was on the road and literally forbid anyone from owning the car. Then they systematically and secretly destroyed the cars. Now they do a deal with a communist nation that anyone with any brains can see wants to take over the world and likely could in the coming 10 years.

All I’m asking is what happens when we give China the technology to build efficient electric cars and then they decide to call our notes? How to we hold them accountable? We cant, because China is one of the few liquid countries in the world. They can sell us off to poverty with our current debt.

Since the publication of my first book in 2005 warning people of banks aggressive tactics to sell bad loans to people, we’re all well aware of the politics and greed in the world. This BLOG will show you just how BIG…big business is when it can waste billions on our dime.




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