4 March Success Stories

360 Group is pleased to announce a total of four success stories for March 2011. We successfully closed two Short Sales and two Mortgage Modifications. The details are as follows:

  1. When a family needed to sell short their primary residence in Mesa, Arizona, 360 Group was hired to help in January 2011. We negotiated the file for just two months to a successful close of escrow with Nationstar bank. Most of our short sales take between 60 and 120 days, but this file moved through the system very quick. Our Realtor affiliate and the client were very happy.
  2. Referred to 360 Group by a previous client, Mr & Mrs Reintz pulled cash out of their primary residence in 2006 to help fund the building of their custom home on land they owned in Oregon. When the market went south, they made the tough choice to move back into their old home and try to sell short the custom home. 360 Group began the file in July 2010, and after multiple counter offers and significant negotiating with the lender due to both a first and a second mortgage, closed the deal in March 2011.
  3. Mr & Mrs Perez of San Francisco, California had a first mortgage with GMAC and were referred to 360 Group by a happy customer. The file began in January 2011 and in less than 90 days a successful result was achieved. The previous payment was $3,047 and the modification payment is $2,566.
  4. Mr & Mrs Fray called 360 Group when they wanted to Sell Short their investment property in Scottsdale. After an educational Pre Qualification, they realized a short sale would be risky and decided to attempt a modification. Mr & Mrs Frey were told by many people that they would be denied because they were current on all their payments. They were told it was impossible to get a mod while current. 360 Group began in November 2010 and got an adjustment from Interest Only with a Balloon payment, to a Fixed rate PITI payment that avoids any future risk with a lower monthly payment.

If you know anyone who is questioning whether they will qualify for a reduction in payment or a short sale, please have them call us. Our pre qualification process is second to none. We educate our clients by first outlining the guidelines and then show them how their financial situation either fits, or doesn’t fit. We’re 100% honest with the results and we never charge any up front fees.  Call us today 623-688-0805.


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