Two More Success Stories

Colonel John Ownbey was once one of the wealthiest citizens in the West because he got involved early in the gold and silver mining industry and became best friends with, at that time, the future legendary industrialist and financier J.P. Morgan. Ownbey was involved in various business ventures with Morgan and the two became very close. Unfortunately, later in life the son of J.P. Morgan allegedly found legal means to ruin Colonel Ownbey financially. This occurred after the original J. P. Morgan had passed away.

Historical news archives chronicle the events that led up to the financial ruin of Colonel Ownbey as well as the years of legal battles with the son of J.P. Morgan who’s father left him in control of the wealth. His battle lasted years through courts of the nation.

The grand daughter of Colonel Ownbey lives in Mesa Arizona and goes by the married name of Erbes.

We’re proud to say that we saved Jocelyn Erbes’ home from the very bank that was built by the man who befriended her grand father. A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) was originated through Washington Mutual and finally ended up with J. P. Morgan Chase. As we have all come to know the sales tactics of many representatives at Washington Mutual, and other large banks where overly aggressive during the real estate boom and literally sold people adjustable rates knowing full well that it would be a liability.

We successfully modified Jocelyns first mortgage early in 2010 and we just completed the second mortgage this week. Happy Birthday Jocelyn, we’re pleased to have been able to help save your home. Happy New Year!

The second success file was a second home in Pine AZ for a client who retained us July 2010. If you know anyone who is still struggling with their mortgage or needs help sifting through the options and programs, please tell them to call us. Our extensive Pre-Qualification process enables us to determine what options are available.


2 thoughts on “Two More Success Stories

  1. Praise God for your diligence and “Know How.” Incredibly, I continue to run into homeowners who are not getting very good counsel. Often times it is far too late to have anyone intervene. I’m encouraged that you are still available to help some folks.

    I shall start turning over rocks and look for possible clients again.

    Grace and peace, Chisanga

    Say hello to Mel please.

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